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Light-weight high-efficiency and energy saving type modern
device for mixing rubber and plastic
Applied to Rubber plastic & Chemical Industry
E.V.A. Rubber, TPR, Sole, Rubber Roller, Hoses, Belts, Sponges, Vibration Insulator,
Elastic Cord, Sealing Materials, Tire, Tapes Master Batches, Pigment, Ink, Electric
Rubber Parts, Chemical Industry Compounds.

1. The machine equips automatic temperature and time control system and operate
precision simple mixing can attain the best dispersion and unformity.
2. Hybrid slot for can dumping type mix blend stalk a leakpro of hoption stem a type
machine oil seal make to clean and changer colors in brief easy.
3. In 6~10 minutes/batch of output equivalent to 2 untis of open mixing mill.
4. Pressurized and sealed mixing chamber to provide high mixing performance and
prevent environmental pollution.
5. Easy installation, operation and maintenance, lower the running cost.


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